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Our Team

Hemant P. Singh (H.P)

Principal Partner

Hemant P. Singh (H.P) is a Principal Partner of KS Capital Management and has more than 15 years of financial management experience. Before joining KS Capital Management, Inc., H.P was Chairman of Private Wealth Management, LLC. H.P....

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Kayvan Karoon


After obtaining his MBA in Finance in 1988 from Bernard M. Baruch College (CUNY), Mr. Karoon climbed the corporate ladders of prestigious Wall Street firms such as Lehman Brothers, Oppenheimer & Co., and Gruntal & Co. before founding...

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Michael J. Crane

Limited Partner and Executive Vice President

Michael J. Crane is a Limited Partner and Executive Vice President of KS Capital Management, Inc.and has been a financial professional since 1997. After serving in the Armed Forces, Michael went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree...

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